Life in Shreveport, Louisiana

Q: Where is Shreveport located?
A: Shreveport is situated along the banks of the Red River, across from Bossier City. It is one of the three largest cities in Louisiana. Shreveport is considered to be the central hub of "Ark-La-Tex," the area where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet.

Q: What is special about Shreveport?
A: The city of Shreveport was established in 1836 by the Shreve Town Company. The city was created as a shipping, steamboat center and port for the area where the Red River meets the Texas Trail.

Q: What neighborhoods are in Shreveport?
A: The water supply for the city of Shreveport comes from Cross Lake. Broadmoor and Shreve Island are neighborhoods located in Shreve City. Other places in Shreveport include the Riverfront District, Cedar Grove, Anderson Island, Madison Park, Lakeside and Greenwood.

Q: What is there to do in Shreveport?
A: The annual October festival called the Red River Revel is hosted by Shreveport. College football is a popular activity in the city, and the annual Independence Bowl is held in Shreveport at Independence Stadium. Shreveport is also one of six cities to participate in the well-known Christmas traadition, Holiday Trail of Lights.

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